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FY20 Budget Documents

Spring Town Meeting FY20 Budget Presentation

Override Presentations

The FY20 Budget Development process has resulted in an override vote placed on the ballot for the 3/26 town election, which passed successfully.
Please click here for a recent forum on school funding sponsored by WFEE and PISC:
Books and Budget Panel

Please click here for a website that provides information about the ballot question:

Please click for the town/school overview of the FY20 budget development process and needs:
FY20 Budget: State of the Town Presentation

Please click for the 2019-2020 draft needs-based budget, which will require an override vote:
FY20 Draft Override Needs Budget (7.87%)

Please click for the 2019-2020 draft austerity budget, which represents the projected budget should an override not be voted:
   FY20 Draft Austerity Budget w No Override 3.8%