2018 Voters Guide

When are the elections?
State Primary Election............ Tuesday, August 14, 2018
State General Election...........  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Voting hours are 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Note: The primary is an “election” that reduces the field of candidates within a major political party. Those nominated at the primary represent that major political party in the general election. Although candidates of all three major parties will be on the primary ballot, you may vote for candidates within only one major party at the primary. Some nonpartisan offices (judges, county and local offices) will also be on the primary ballot.
Note: The general election is the election to pick the final winners.
Young Voters Guide:
To find out how to register while in college and to answer any questions you may have please follow the links below:
What will be on the ballot?


United States Senator (Term ending January 3, 2025)

United States Senator (Special Election for Term ending January 3, 2021)

United States Representative for District 7


State Representative for District 18A

State Representative for District 18B


Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State

State Auditor

Attorney General


Supreme Court

 Chief of Justice                (Incumbent: Gildea)

Associate Justice Seat 1 (Incumbent: G. Barry Anderson)

Associate Justice Seat 2 (Incumbent: Chutich)

Associate Justice Seat 5 (Incumbent: McKeig)

Court of Appeals

Appellate offices are elected statewide.  Where designated, candidates must reside in the congressional district listed for at least one year.

Court of Appeals, Seat 2    (Incumbent:  Jesson)

Court of Appeals, Seat 4   (Incumbent:  Tracy M. Smith)

Court of Appeals, Seat 6 -1st Congressional District (Incumbent:  Worke)

Court of Appeals, Seat 7 - 5th Congressional District (Incumbent: Halbrooks)

Court of Appeals, Seat 12 (Incumbent: Bratvold)

Court of Appeals, Seat 14 - 8th Congressional District (Incumbent:  Florey)

First Judicial District Court

First District Court Seat 2     (Incumbent:  Asencio Perkkio)

First District Court Seat 6     (Incumbent:  David L. Knutson)

First District Court Seat 10   (Incumbent:  Vraa)

First District Court Seat 14   (Incumbent:  Mayer)

First District Court Seat 19   (Incumbent:  MacDonald)

First District Court Seat 20   (Incumbent:  Messerich)

First District Court Seat 24   (Incumbent:  Cork)

First District Court Seat 26   (Incumbent:  Winters)

First District Court Seat 29   (Incumbent:  Maher)

First District Court Seat 30   (Incumbent:  Bayley)

First District Court Seat 31   (Incumbent:  Wahi)

County Offices

County Commissioner for District 2 – 4 year term (includes the Townships of Glencoe and Helen and the Cities of Glencoe and Plato)

County Commissioner for District 5 – 4 year term (includes the Townships of Acoma and Hutchinson and the Cities of Hutchinson Precinct 2)

 County Attorney – for a term of four years

 County Auditor-Treasurer – for a term of four years

 County Recorder – for a term of four years

 County Sheriff – for a term of four years

 Soil and Water Supervisor for District 1 (includes the Townships of Bergen and Winsted and the Cities of Lester Prairie and Winsted)

 Soil and Water Supervisor for District 2 (includes the Townships of Glencoe and Helen and the Cities of Glencoe and Plato)

Where do candidates file for office?
Candidates for Federal Offices, State Legislative Offices, State Executive Offices and Judicial Offices must file at the Secretary of State’s Office.
Candidates for all county offices must file at the McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office at 2391 Hennepin Ave N Glencoe MN 55336.
Candidates for all city and township offices must file at their respective city or township.
Am I eligible to vote?
You can vote in McLeod County if on Election Day you:
  • will be at least 18 years old on election day
  • are a citizen of the United States
  • are a Minnesota resident for 20 days immediately preceding election day
  • are a resident of McLeod County and the precinct in which you wish to vote
  • not under court-ordered guardianship in which the court revokes your right to vote
  • not found by a court to be legally incompetent to vote
  • have the right to vote because, if you have been convicted of a felony, your felony sentence has expired (been completed) or you have been discharged from your sentence
Where do I vote?
Generally, you vote in the neighborhood where you live. You may call the McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer, City, or Township Clerk for the address of your polling place. If you recently registered to vote, you will receive a postcard that tells you the location of your polling place. You can also look up your polling place location at www.sos.state.mn.us .
Getting registered.
Before you can vote, you must register. That is, you must place your name on the official list of voters. If you have moved, changed your name, or haven’t voted in the last four years, you must update your registration.
To register or update your registration, complete a voter registration application. You can download one at www.co.mcleod.mn.us or pick one up from your City or Township Clerk or McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office. Then complete it and mail it to or drop it off at the office of your County Auditor-Treasurer.
When you fill out the application, remember you can vote only where you maintain residence. If you are a student living at school, you must choose whether to register at home or at school, but not both
If you register by mail...
If you register by mail and have not voted in a Federal election in Minnesota before, you may be asked by an election judge (poll worker) to show ID at your polling place
Where can I get a voter registration application?
  • At state, county, or city offices
  • At public libraries
  • Where you apply for, renew, or change your Minnesota driver’s license or ID card
  • From the registrar’s office or student association at colleges, universities, and technical schools
  • www.co.mcleod.mn.us
Federal Requirements
The federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires you to provide your MN driver’s license number or MN ID card number on your voter registration application.