Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems

For information related to Septic Systems, contact:

Jacob McLain, Technician II (First Point of Contact)
(320) 484-4343
Duane Radtke (Septic Inspector)
(320) 237-1983

Which rules and ordinances govern the subsurface sewage treatment systems in McLeod County?

Is the McLeod County SSTS Ordinance different from other counties in the area?

What is required when transferring property?

What is required for a Septic Permit?

How much does a Septic Permit cost?

Is there any financial assistance available for an SSTS upgrade?

I have a non-compliant SSTS on my property but the home will no longer be in use; do I still need to upgrade my septic system?

Can I install my own septic system without being licensed?