Environmental Services

The offices of Environmental Services are responsible for administrative, public education and inspection work in coordination with Zoning, Solid Waste and Household Hazardous Waste with enforcement of land use, ordinances, codes and regulations.

This office is also responsible for platting and subdividing property for residential and commercial use. Work performed involves advising, reviewing, analyzing and issuing permits in regard to various proposals and specific land use, zoning or building requests. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Board of Commissioners, the McLeod Planning Commission, and McLeod County Board of Adjustment, and is reviewed.  in additon, our office works with Feedlot programs and Subsurface Septic Treatment Systems. 

Our offices are located at the following address:

County of McLeod
Environmental Services Offices
1065 - 5th Avenue SE
Hutchinson, MN  55350

Phone: (320) 484-4300; 
Toll Free: (800) 335-0575; 
Fax: (320) 484-4315

Marc Telecky, Director of Environmental Services
PH | (320) 484-4342

Jacob McLain, Technician II
(Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems and Feedlots)
PH | (320) 484-4343

Sandra Posusta, Administrative Specialist 
PH | (320) 484-4344

Sarah Young, Assistant Director of Environmental Services
PH | (320) 484-4319

Andy Rinn, HHW Technician
PH | (320) 484-4322

Ben Lortz, HHW Technician
PH | (320) 484-4322

Kate Levinski, Administrative Assistant
PH | (320) 484-4304