Assessor Office Staff

Sue Schulz - McLeod County Assessor

Brenda Chmielewski - Deputy Assessor - Responsible for the City of Hutchinson and all apartments and commercial in the county. Contact information - 320-864-1256

Jodi Sell - Appraiser I - Responsible for the City of Winsted and Lester Prairie and Glencoe City. Contact information - 320-864-1201

Scott Bullock - Appraiser I - Responsible for the Townships of Acoma, Hale, and Hassan Valley and Cities of Brownton and Plato. Contact information - 320-864-1487

Shawn McCoy- Appraiser I - Responsible for the Townships of Glencoe, Helen, Bergen, Winsted. Contact information 320-864-1200

Brenda Schaefer - Clerk - Responsible for customer service, sales information, personal property values, and township averages. Contact information - 320-864-1254

NOTE REGARDING INSPECTIONS: The Minnesota Department of Revenue requires all counties to visually inspect each property. The inspection usually takes 15 minutes or less and includes both interior and exterior. You have the right to refuse the inspection although the appraiser will have to make judgement based on the exterior of the property regarding the valuation of your property.

If you have any questions please call the McLeod County Assessor's Office at (320)864-1254