McLeod County Fairgrounds Manager
Randy Starke
840 Century Ave. SW
Hutchinson, MN 55350
Telephone: 320-484-4311
Email: randy.starke@co.mcleod.mn.us

Facility Rentals:
The Fairgrounds has buildings and rooms available for meetings, family gatherings, wedding receptions and trade shows. If you are interested in playing tennis, we offer 4 indoor heated gym courts, available 7 days a week. 
Please call for reservations: 320-484-4311 or 320-484-4301.  You can also email Randy: randy.starke@co.mcleod.mn.us
Facility Brochure: Fairgrounds Brochure
Layout of the grounds: Fairgrounds Layout
Tour of the McLeod County Fairgrounds: McLeod County Fairgrounds Tour

Fairgrounds facilities:
We would like you to know that the McLeod County Fairgrounds is open per guidelines of Governor.  We will be monitoring his orders on a daily basis and let you know accordingly as soon as there may be any changes to the current status of our facilities.  In the event that the facility would still be closed due to COVID-19 restrictions on the date of your reservation, we would offer to move your reservation to a later date or issue you a complete refund.  We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times.

Important Links:  
To view the Commercial Building Gym calendar: Gym Calendar
Note: Court reservations for weekend times need to be called in prior to 12Noon on Friday.
Fairgrounds Schedules: Facility Calendar

McLeod County Fair:
Hosted by the McLeod County Agriculture Association: McLeod County Fair Tour 

Batting Cages:
** Please click on the following link for first time users registration instructions:  Batting Cage First Time User Guide
The Fairgrounds batting cages are now on-line and reservable.  You will be required to create an account in the system to make a reservation.  All online reservations need to be paid with a credit card on-line.  If you would like assistance with setting up and account and making a reservation, please call 320-484-4301 or stop in the office Mon-Fri 8 am to 4:30pm and we will assist you.  Batting Cages run $20/hr, so each 15 minute session will run you $5.00.  Reservations for batting cages must be made 24 hours before usage.
Link: Batting Cage Reservation
Link to Batting Cage Schedules: Batting Cage Schedules  (once reservation is made, your reservation should appear in this schedule)

Upcoming Fairground Events: 
Event List 2020