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What is a Code Violation?

A code violation is anything that contradicts a city ordinance that is either found in the municipal code or the zoning ordinance. Code violations signify that a correction is needed.  If you are unsure if the issue you are concerned about is a code violation, it never hurts to ask.  If you have any questions call 248-557-2600 ext. 247. Also, there are resources available online. Our municipal code and zoning ordinance are the essential documents which outline the standards and rules in the community and can be found at www.lathrupvillage.org.

Common code violations include:

  •  Lack of property maintenance, such as peeling paint, broken windows, or other damage or deterioration on a structure.
  •  Tall grass, weeds, and improperly stored yard waste.
  •  Improperly stored vehicles, inoperable vehicles, or other objects stored in plain view.
  •  Trash containers left out in public view.

Enforcement is important:

Code enforcement officer are essential in enhancing the quality of life by making sure issues are managed for the safety and healthy living of Lathrup Village residents. Well maintained neighborhoods and business corridors preserve property values and are a source of community pride. Code violations that are not addressed can damage a community’s safety, beauty, and vitality. The city is committed to addressing code violations as they become aware of them, but the response can be slow if issues are not being reported. The city needs help from residents, as the eyes and ears of the community, to report code violations as they develop.

There are four ways to report a code violation:



Go to www.seeclickfix.com
Or City website at www.lathrupvillage.org


By Phone

By calling 248-557-2600 ext. 247, you can determine if your concern is a code violation


By Email

Residents may email to report violations: rsweidan@lathrupvillage.org

Lathrup Village City Hall pic

In Person

Residents can report code violations in person at City Hall, located at 27400 Southfield Road.