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Residents Guide

Guide For Residential Property Maintenance

The property maintenance is so essential for maintaining and boosting your property by following the guide provided.  Planning ahead is important and being involved in the preservation of the property helps keeping the neighborhood looking immaculate.

Guide for Commercial Property Maintenance
Property maintenance on commercial properties are essential to the appeal and look of Southfield Rd. and 12 Mile Rd.  

My neighbor’s tree fell onto my property.  Whose responsibility is it to clean it up and/or remove the tree?
Lathrup Village does not become involved in these types of situations. If this is not something you can come to an agreement on with your neighbor, then this will become a civil matter between you, and your neighbor; will need to seek court action for a resolution.

Are bonfires and/or firepits permitted within the Village?
Bonfires, as well as the burning of trash, leaves, or construction materials, etc., are prohibited.  However, the Village does allow the burning of wood in a “small container manufactured for the purpose of containing small recreational fires. ”Please refer to our Fire Code, Chapter 38, Article I, Sec. 38-1 for the conditions that apply to this Ordinance.

Can I store my boat, RV, motor-home, and/or trailer on my property?
No, this is prohibited per our Open Storage Ordinance, Sec. 4.1.2. However, we do try to offer some leniency to our residents if you call to notify us in advance that you will be bringing a boat, RV, or trailer, etc. home for a few days to make repairs and/or prepare for a vacation, etc. In these instances, we will allow the afore-mentioned item(s) to remain on site for a few days only, providing we do not receive any complaints from other residents.  The storage of these items inside a garage is permitted.

Do I need a permit to have a Garage Sale?
Yes. However, we do have some general guidelines: No balloons, banners or extra fanfare
Limit the number of sales to 2-3 per year
Please remove any signs that are put out each day at the end of the sale.
Signs are to be placed on the premises only - not posted on traffic signs, utility poles or to block the vision of intersections.
Traffic and parking must be maintained in an orderly fashion.

Does Lathrup Village allow fences?
We would encourage you to check with your homeowners association first to find out what their restrictions may be. The Village does allow fences up to four (4) ft. in height, restricted to side and rear yards only.  This type of fencing will only require a permit from the Building Department. However, anything over four (4) ft. in height or within a front yard will require.

Can I put a shed in my yard?
Sheds are considered an accessory structure; If the building department approves your request, then a permit must be obtained through our Building Department.  Before installing any structure (such as a trellis, statue, sculpture, retaining/landscape walls, etc.), contact the Ordinance Department to find out what approvals may be necessary. 

I want to cut some trees on my property.  Is this allowed?
Lathrup Village has an extensive Tree Preservation ordinance that regulates tree removal.  Trees contribute to the character of the community and are an important asset to our ecosystem. Many different factors contribute to the allowance of tree removal.  Violations of this ordinance can be costly, so it is imperative that you contact the Village prior to any cutting.  Refer to the Muni-code Ordinance Sec. 62-93 for the complete ordinance.

My neighbor’s pool has green water in it. Can you get them to open it?
Pools and pool covers must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and kept in good repair. We understand the spread of mosquito viruses may be the result of stagnant water, which is a serious concern for residents who adjoin a property with a possibly stagnant pool. If you have questions regarding the upkeep of your pool, or a neighboring pool contact the Ordinance Department and we will be happy to assist you.