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Curbside Leaf Collection

Curbside Leaf Collection Guidelines

Leaf collection begins Monday, Oct. 15, and ends the first week of December.

To ensure that leaves from your property are collected, please follow these guidelines:

  • Place leaf piles as close to the edge of the street as possible. Think higher piles, not wider piles. It’s important to allow for two-way vehicular traffic at all times.
  • Do not place leaf piles in the drainage ditch. Leaf removal crews will not rake out ditches.
  • Homeowners with addresses on Santa Barbara and Bloomfield should place leaf piles along adjacent side streets.
  • Do not include trash, animal feces, twigs, branches, grass clippings, flowers and other yard waste with leaves. They often cause mechanical malfunctions. If the leaf removal crew discovers these items in a leaf pile, they’ll leave it and move on to the next address.
  • Help ensure crew safety and timely removal by placing leaf piles several feet from garbage cans and other refuse.
  • Expect some residue – “leaf dust.” It’s an inevitable byproduct of the leaf collection method and equipment.
  • Don’t park vehicles on or near leaf piles.
  • Please be patient. The leaf collection schedule is weather-dependent. It takes longer to collect wet leaves. Several windy days in a row often results in larger leaf piles, which take longer to collect.
  • If you prefer, you may still use yard waste bags for leaves during the season.
  • If you employ a landscape company, please advise them of these guidelines.