Hy-Vee Development Timeline and Background
In 2016, Hy-Vee purchased the Central Valu Center, former home of Rainbow Foods at 4300 Central Ave NE. At the time, the City of Columbia Heights approved plans for a portion of the Central Valu Center to be redeveloped into a 90,000 square-foot Hy-Vee grocery store and restaurant. The City also approved plans for Hy-Vee’s Fast and Fresh Convenience Store and Gas Station, to be located at the northeast corner of Central Ave and 47th Ave.

After initial development approval by the City, Hy-Vee announced that it was slowing down its expansion efforts in the Twin Cities. Hy-Vee has again begun constructing stores in the area, including a recently opened Hy-Vee store in Robbinsdale. In June, 2018, Hy-Vee submitted a revised site plan application to build a convenience store and gas station on the northeast corner of Central and 47th Avenues.

Since then, Hy-Vee has not provided further updates to its plan.