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Wellness Program
The Wellness Program consists of two disciplines: Health/Family Consumer Sciences and Physical Education. The courses offered in the Wellness department have been designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and strategies needed to make healthy choices in each of these areas. Students will engage in active learning to practice critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills necessary to achieve a balance among these life components which will lead them to sustained good health and well being.

Grade 6 Health Science
Meets three times in a cycle for one semester

This course focuses on the emotional, physical and social development of the maturing middle school student. It is a comprehensive program in which students learn strategies that can immediately empower them to help create their personal identity and build positive relationships with others. They will gain   an understanding and learn effective responses to issues such as conflict, harassment and bullying. Students will develop and practice strategies necessary to manage anger and solve problems leading to peaceful resolution. Students will examine several forms of exposure to tobacco and nicotine as well as the development of refusal skills and strategies. A component of the course will also focus on human growth and development. Emotional, social and physical changes that occur during puberty and the male and female reproductive system will be explored.

Grade 7 Health/Family Consumer Science
Meets three times in a cycle for one semester

This is a three-part course. The first part introduces students to the world of nutrition. The focus is on nutritional needs of their bodies and the importance of food choices in their lives. Students learn the essential nutrients; their impact on the body, food sources and the problems associated with unhealthy food choices. The second part focuses on food preparation, interpreting recipes, utilizing equipment, practicing safety and sanitation procedures as well as modifying recipes to make them healthier. The third part includes a review of bullying prevention, a continuation of substance use and abuse education with a concentration on alcohol, marijuana and inhalant use and abuse.  Students will continue to strengthen refusal skills.

Grade 8 Health/Family Consumer Science
Meets three times in a cycle for one semester

This is a three-part course. Students take an in-depth look at the concepts of good nutrition in relation to one’s health and growth through meal preparation. The second part includes an overview of symptoms and sources of support for depression and suicide.  The third part is a continuation of the 6th grade human growth and development with a focus on building responsible and respectful relationships. Safe dating practices, recognizing healthy and unhealthy relationships and understanding sexually transmitted infections will be covered.

Physical Education Program

Grade 6 Physical Education
Meets two times in a cycle for the full year

This course focuses on the learning and development of complex motor skills and the ability to assess and maintain personal fitness. In addition to physical skill development, students will also develop skills in positive social/group interaction, responsibility, accountability, and sportsmanship through a variety of activities. Units may include: cooperative initiatives, eye-hand coordination skill building, volleying skills, endurance and basic principles of weight training.

Grade 7 Physical Education
Meets two times in a cycle for the full year

The seventh grade experience will build on the foundation created at the 6th grade level. Students will continue to develop motor skills and demonstrate these skills in a variety of physical activities. Students will also gain an understanding of the basic principles related to defense, offense and position play in a team sport. Students will continue to build proficiency in problem solving through Project Adventure initiatives. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the components necessary to create a fitness program and will be introduced to the care and proper use of free weights and weight machines.

Grade 8 Physical Education
Meets two times in a cycle for the full year

Eighth grade Physical Education will focus on understanding the components and developing the skills of working in teams through a variety of team sports. Defense, offense and position play will continue to be emphasized at this time. Strategic play will also be addressed. The following team sports may be used as the medium for this learning experience: flag football, field/floor hockey, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse. In addition to the focus on team sports, students will also continue instruction in Project Adventure, assessment and development of personal fitness level through agility/plyometric and weight training.