40 samoset rd, winchester, ma 01890

Central Office

School Contact Information 
 Winchester High School  781-721-7020
 McCall Middle School  781-721-7026
 Ambrose Elementary School  781-721-7012
 Lincoln Elementary School  781-721-7017
 Lynch Elementary School  781-721-7013
 Muraco Elementary School  781-721-7030
 Vinson-Owen Elementary School  781-721-7019

Central Office
40 Samoset Road

Winchester, MA 01890
781-721-7000 (p)
781-721-0016 (f)

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Frank Hackett, Superintendent
781-721-7000, extension 1004

Erin Allen, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
781-721-7000, extension 1004

Andrew Marron, Sr. Program Manager, Operations & Planning
781-721-7000, extension 1018

Records Access Officer
Dr. Frank Hackett, Superintendent
40 Samoset Road, Winchester, MA 01890

Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Jennifer Elineema, Assistant Superintendent
Jessica Palino, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
781-721-7000, extension 1006

Business Office
Peter Rowe, Interim Director of Finance
781-721-7000, extension 1039

Nancy Clark, Payroll Specialist
781-721-7000, extension 1080

Donna Skeffington, Accounts Payable
781-721-7000, extension 1002

Sheryl Stein, Administrative Assistant - Finance & Operations
781-721-7000, extension 1001

Counseling, Health & Wellness
Jason Levene, Administrator of Counseling, Health & Wellness
781-721-7000, extension 1011

Human Resources
Laurie Kirby, Director of Personnel
Diane McCrobie, Human Resources Specialist
781-721-7000, extension 1003

Special Education
Pamela Girouard, Administrator of Special Education
Jean O'Halloran, Administrative Assistant to the Administrator of Special Education
Tricia Guarino, Administrative Assistant to Special Education at Ambrose, Muraco, & Vinson-Owen
781-721-7000, extension 1005 

Jennifer Callison, Out of District Coordinator

Stephanie Potito, Information Technology Director and Network Manager
Lynne Peledge, Administrator of Digital Learning & Innovation
Katarina Curtin, Information Management Specialist
781-721-7000, extension 1038

Kate Layman, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Finance and Operations
781-721-7000, extension 1007

Richard Bruneau, Technology Support Technician
Michael Wayne, Technology Support Technician
James Waddel, Technology Support Technician

Nydia Aguilar, Administrative Assistant for Registration/Transportation/Facilities
781-721-7000, extension 1000