Williamsville Central School District

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Instructional Information

Instructional Information

Instructional Resources

To request a digital device, please log into WITS (https://wits.williamsvillek12.org) and complete the WCSD Student Device Request Process form.

Travel Updates

Updates from Acting Superintendent of School Dr. John E. McKenna

Additional Information and Resources

Guidance for School Yellow Zone

Guidance for School Test Out in Red and Orange Zones

Child Nutrition - New Pick-Up Time Location Beginning October 14, 2020

Child Nutrition - Meals For Home (Updated 9-15-20)

Nonpublic School Transportation Information

Building Health and Safety Videos (Updated 9-3-20)

Child Nutrition Frequently Asked Questions
(Updated 8-26-20)

Transportation Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 8-25-20)

HVAC System Information (Ventilation)

Student Transportation of America - Keeping Students Safe On The Bus (Updated 8-18-20)

Williamsville Central School District New York State Education Department Mandatory Assurances

Williamsville Central School District Health Services, Testing and Contact Tracing Protocol