Virtual Backpack

Welcome to our Virtual Backpack!  Here, you will find informational flyers about events/activities from the school and the District as well as local community organizations. Previously, these flyers were distributed to students and sent home in paper form. Below are printable pdf's to afford easy access for parents anytime during the school year. Should you wish to still receive a paper copy, please contact the school's main office.

Please note: On occasion, a school may opt to send home a paper copy about an event, however, community organizations may only submit flyers in pdf form for posting to our Virtual Backpack.

Posting of informational flyers from outside community groups is done in accordance with Board policy and is not to be interpreted as District sponsorship of an event or endorsement of any organization. The information is posted by the District as a community service. The approval process for the distribution of flyers has not changed.  


School/District Events Community


School/District Events Community


School/District Events Community