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Strategic Planning

Next Meeting: February 12, 2020

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The objective of the Strategic Planning Process is to
 collectively create a 5-year plan for the Williamsville Central School District that is guided by our vision, mission and key-district goals.

What is a Strategic Plan?
A strategic plan is our "blueprint": it clearly lays out the district's goals, guides its actions and decision-making, and outlines the ways in which we will measure progress on those goals. 

Who is involved in creating Williamsville's Strategic Plan? 
The district has chosen PLC Associates, Inc., a firm based out of Rochester, NY, to help construct and lead the development of our next Strategic Plan. PLC's work will include input from a variety of stakeholder groups throughout Williamsville which includes our Core Team and multiple focus groups.   Our Core Team is comprised of District and school staff members, parents, community stakeholders and Board of Education members. Each of our 13 schools hosted focus groups consisting of school staff, students, and parents to collect feedback in order to help build a roadmap for our future. 

When and where is the Strategic Planning taking place?
Our Strategic Planning began in June 2019. Every month our Core Team meets at District Office for a full day of Strategic Planning led by our consultants from PLC Associates, Inc. This Strategic Planning process will continue through June 2020, at which time we plan to have a finalized Strategic Plan to implement. 

Why do we need a new Strategic Plan?
With our last strategic plan being adopted in 1995, a new strategic plan is necessary in order to prioritize the importance of education and the way it's delivered to our children moving forward. Developing and implementing a Strategic Plan provides a universal focus and vision for the district and its stakeholders. This plan establishes a set of goals and values that guides decision-making and actions.

When will the Strategic Plan be implemented? 
The Strategic Plan will be implemented once the Strategic Planning Process is completed (projected Summer 2020). 

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