Tifton Planning & Zoning Commission

Meeting Date: Second Monday of every month

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Tifton Municipal Court, 527 Commerce Way

Meeting locations and times are subject to change due to extenuating circumstances. Verify all meetings by contacting the Department of Community Development or checking the legal postings in the Tifton Gazette.

History and Purpose

Tifton’s Planning and Zoning Commission is a recommending body for the City Council, consisting of five appointed members.  The members volunteer for a three-year term. 

The current Commission was started in 2012 from the previous work of the Greater Tift County Planning and Zoning Commission established in March of 2000. The Commission is governed by both City Ordinance (Part II, Chapter 54 and Part II, Appendix A - Land Development Code, Chapter 8, Section 2), and various State laws.

The Commission’s primary duties involve evaluation and suggestions for the Greater Tift County Comprehensive Plan, recommending amendments to the zoning ordinances and zoning map, and reviewing and making recommendations for proposed amendments to the zoning ordinances and zoning map. 

They are also responsible for consideration of subdivision of land and to also make recommendations regarding existing, proposed, extended, widened and narrowed streets, public ways, public open spaces, and public buildings and sites.

Board Members

Lamarice Taylor

June 2023
Peter Crowley
June 2022

Julie Sharpe
June 2023

Solomon Nixon, Jr

June 2022


Julie Lester
 June 2021
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