Planning and Zoning  -  Code Compliance
Building  Permitting and Inspections

The Tifton City Council has adopted City Codes (laws) specifically designed to address blight, nuisances and maintain a clean, safe, and attractive environment for all our community citizens.  This work is conducted by working in partnership with the citizens of Tifton.

The mission of the City of Tifton Community Development Department is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment for the citizens of Tifton. We help maintain and improve our community's quality by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal and state codes.  We also work with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies, and other City departments to:
          1)      Facilitate voluntary compliance with City and state laws and codes.
          2)      Empower community self-help programs.
          3)      Develop public outreach programs.
          4)      Establish community priorities for enforcement programs.

The City of Tifton's Department of Community Development encompasses the Engineering, Planning and Zoning, Code Compliance, and Building Inspection functions for our community.

Click here to access the code of ordinances for the City of Tifton. Please be aware that the online code may not reflect recent updates. For the most current version of our code of ordinances, please contact our office.

Department Contacts: 

Crystal Gaillard
Community Development Director

Cherry Plair

Ole Laursen
Residential and Commercial Inspections