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Outside Cafe Permit

May 27, 2020

Streator Restaurants May Reopen with Outdoor Service Beginning Friday, May 29th

 Governor Pritzker is relaxing the State’s guidelines to permit the outdoor sale and consumption of food and alcoholic beverages, beginning May 29.  Streator restaurants that want to provide outdoor service may need to obtain a city permit, as follows:

 Sidewalk Cafés

The City already has rules and procedures for restaurants to serve customers on city sidewalks (permit form link).  The City requires that space remain for pedestrian passage and that the service area to be roped off.  The business will need to name the city as an additional insured.   There is a $100 fee, but the Council may consider waiving it during 2020.  Alcohol can be served with food.  The Council will need to review and approve every application.  The City Council will be meeting weekly on Thursdays to approve COVID related state grants and city permits.

 Private property

Many establishments will be able to create outdoor eating/drinking areas on their own properties.  Streator’s zoning code requires the issuance of special use permits for these areas.  Because the need for outdoor service will likely resolve itself over the coming months, the City Council will be considering the relaxation of the City’s zoning enforcement through 2020 for temporary outdoor seating areas.  For establishments that plan to invest in permanent outdoor seating facilities, please contact City Engineer Jeremy Palm at City Hall for a special permit application form.