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SR 3 Final
Beginning January 20, 2020, SR 3 will be experiencing ongoing lane closures while the U.S. Navy and their contractor complete seismic upgrades on the trestle bridge, located north of the Shelton Yacht Club.

Lane closures are currently scheduled through March 5, 2021. Temporary signals will be installed at either end of the closure. Lane closures will be 24/7.

Seismic retrofitting will help to strengthen the bridge and protect the lives of those who travel on or around it in the event of an emergency.

The work is not being completed by the City of Shelton, but will impact Shelton residents. Work is being completed by a private contractor on a state-owned road. Emergency services (Police, Fire/EMS, etc.) have been notified of the closures.

Alternate routes will be open as normal, but will see increased traffic; particularly, the 4-way traffic stop at Wallace Kneeland Boulevard and Brockdale Road.

We will post updates here as we receive them.