Commercial/Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program

The Commercial / Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program is designed to help our business customers use energy efficient lighting to meet their lighting needs.  The objective of this program is to help overcome the present market barriers (primarily higher cost) to the installation of energy efficient lighting technologies.  The Town, through the Light Department, assists businesses in determining the most effective way to accomplish this goal.  The Program is designed so that the Light Department will contribute a maximum of 50% of a project cost provided the grant is less than certain specified amounts.  In other words, if the total project cost is $12,000 then the Light Department will grant a maximum of $6,000, or if the total project cost is $50,000 then the Light Department will not grant more than $15,000.

The Town of Norwood Municipal Light Department ("NLD") is pleased to continue its Commercial / Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program.  By participating in this program our commercial customers will not only be reducing their own electric bills, they will also be assisting the Town and its Electric Department in its goal to conserve energy and save money.

This program has been divided into four groups: (1) municipal, (2) small commercial, (3) medium commercial and (4) large commercial / industrial.  The Town of Norwood will contribute a percentage (maximum of fifty percent) of the project cost, or up to certain specified limits depending upon the size of the customer.  The breakdown is as follows:

Group Name Customer Size Size NLD Max Contribution 
 Group 1 Municipal  All Sizes  $15,000
 Group 2 Small Comm. Less than 11KVA  $4,000
 Group 3 Medium Comm.  100-500 KVA   $9,000
 Group 4 Large Comm.  Larger than 500 KVA   $15,000

We would like to see all of our business customers take advantage of this worthwhile program in order to reduce their energy demand and to lessen their electric bills.  Project proposals will be analyzed according to greatest kilowatt reduction during peak periods per cost of the project (NLD contribution).  Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis and the NLD will determine whether it deems a project worthwhile.  NLD determination as to whether a project is worthwhile is final and not subject to review.  All work must be completed and inspected to qualify for this program.

The NLD hopes this program will continue for several years and would like all its business customers to participate in this program.  Many customers may be surprised to find that up to 33% of their electrical consumption is from lighting.  By retrofitting their existing lighting, customers can realize substantial and ongoing savings.  This program is administered by Energy New England.  Please contact them directly at 888-772-4242 or by email at  Applications are available on our website under "Applications and Forms".