Building Permit Instruction Sheet

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Building Permit Instruction Sheet


M.S.B.C. Section 113, "Application for Permit":

WHEN PERMIT IS REQUIRED: It shall be unlawful to construct, reconstruct, alter, repair, remove or demolish a structure; or to change the use or occupancy of a building or structure; or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by this code without first filing a written application with the building official and obtaining the required permit therefor.

EXCEPTION: Ordinary repairs as defined in Section 201.0.

M.S.B.C. Section 2011, "Ordinary Repairs". Any maintenance which does not effect structure, egress, fire protection systems, fire ratings, energy conservation provisions (Art. 20), plumbing, sanitary, gas, electrical or other utilities.


Application shall be accompanied by a set of working, drawings, drawn to scale with sufficient clarity and detail to show the nature of the work and compliance with the Mass. State Building Code. Plans for buildings more than 35,000 cubic feet of area must be stamped by a registered architect or engineer. All plans shall include but not be limited to...

[1] FLOOR PLANS showing location and dimensions of the area, means of egress, uses of area, method and amount of ventilation, fire stopping and finish schedule.

[2] FRAMING PLANS showing spans, bearing walls, type and size of materials, foundations and footings.

[3] ELEVATIONS showing facade, window sizes, building height and dimensions, railing heights, crawl space, roof venting and fire separation walls and floors.

[4] CERTIFIED PLOT PLAN must be provided for any and all protrusions beyond legal, existing rooflines, additions or accessory buildings, showing all dimensions and setback distances from overhangs. Plot plan shall also include lot coverage and open space percentages and must be stamped, signed and dated by a Registered Land Surveyor.


[1] Conservation Commission approval required if the building is within or near Floodplain Districts as determined by said commission.

[2] Demolition of buildings requires rodent control sign-off from the Norwood Board of Health.
Demolition of buldings requires multi-department sign-off sheet to accompany the building permit application.

[3] Third party affidavits required for modular houses.

[4] Installer of manufactured buildings certificate for modular houses.

[5] Asbestos removal to be per Local Board of Health and State Regulations.

[6] Fire Department review and approval for smoke detector location, sprinkler plan approval, if applicable, and oil burner installation.

[7] Sidewalk bond is required if heavy equipment (excavation machines, concrete trucks, etc.) is to cross curb/sidewalk. Bond should be recorded with the Public Works Department  a minimum of 5 days prior to obtaining a Building Permit. The application shall be stamped by the Public Works Dept. prior to the issuance of a building permit. Only the Public Works Department can waive this requirement.

4. MINIMUM REQUIRED INSPECTIONS (Prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy):

[1] Excavation inspection BEFORE concrete is placed.

[2] Foundation inspection to check sealcoating, if applicable, before backfilling.

[3] Rough electrical Inspection.

[4] Rough plumbing and gas fitting inspections.

[5] Rough framing inspections - AFTER firestopping is complete and BEFORE insulation is installed.

[6] Insulation inspection, unless otherwise ordered by the building official.

[7] Final electrical inspection.

[8] Final plumbing and gas fitting inspection.

[9] Final Fire Department inspection

[10] An As-built plot plan is required before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.

[11] Final Building inspection.