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To access McLeod County LandShark, please click here.

To access McLeod County's Enhanced Remote Access Agreement, please click here.
When sending in your signed agreement, please include the name and e-mail address of the contact person who will be the administrative user of the system, their address, phone and fax number. 

For information and requirements, click on the "About" tab and sub-tabs: LandShark; Recorder; Agreement. This system applies only to McLeod County Recorder land records, Federal, State, and County Tax Liens and does NOT include Tax, Treasurer, Auditor or Assessor information. For our Landshark users, name searches can be requested by fax. Fees for these searches will be deducted from your Landshark escrow account. Our certification will be faxed back to you without the raised seal for use on your certificate. If you wish to use our certification, you will need to request to have us send you the name search results with the raised seal. Please see the link below for the form and the fees associated with this service.

Please also complete and mail in the Escrow authorization form found at the bottom of this page.

McLeod County LandShark Fees:

$50.00 Initial Set-up Fee
$50.00 Monthly Fee
$ 2.00 Per View of Document Image

*All fees are to be paid according to the enhanced remote access agreement.

*Per McLeod County enhanced remote access agreement, all charges for this non-entitlement service may be modified upon thirty days notice to the Subscriber.

NOTICE: Landshark users may now access Federal, State and County Tax Liens on the Landshark system. For Bankruptcies, please see the Bankruptcies page on this website.

Downloadable Files:
Escrow authorization
Landshark searches