Divisions and Contact Information

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The Haddonfield Police Department is made up of three separate divisions: Administration and Records, Investigations, and Patrol. 

All HPD Divisions operate under the same Core Values-

Integrity - We are committed to maintain the trust of our community by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of conduct, both on and off duty.

Professionalism -
We will lead by example to promote an attitude of respect and fairness by honest and ethical enforcement of all laws, criminal, traffic, and municipal ordinances.

Courage -
We will uphold and enforce the law in the face of fear, danger, and adversity.

Contact Information:

In case of an emergency call 9-1-1 POLICE / FIRE / AMBULANCE
Haddonfield Police Administration Front Desk (856)-429-4700 ext. 250
Police Non-Emergency Dispatch (856)-429-3000

 Name/Badge #
 Chief  Jason Cutler -  #1737  policeadmin@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Lieutenant  Stephen Camiscioli - #1746  policeadmin@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Sergeant  George Custer - #1745  gcuster@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Sergeant  Scott Leverick - #1747  dleverick@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Sergeant  Stuart Holloway - #1749  sholloway@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Detective Sergeant  Danielle Mueller - #1753  dmueller@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Sergeant   Michael Caruso - #1758  mcaruso@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Corporal  Christopher Kosofsky - #1741  ckosofsky@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Corporal  Jose Ortiz - #1748  jortiz@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Corporal  Richard Walker - #1756  rwalker@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Corporal  James Ervin - #1760  jervin@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Detective Corporal  Joseph Quicksell - #1763  jquicksell@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  John Burger - #1750  jburger@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  Jacob Sorg - #1766  jsorg@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  Kevin Grygon - #1767  kgrygon@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  Kristina Bowen - #1770  kbowen@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  Anne Donnelly - #1771  adonnelly@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  Steven Strobel - #1773  sstrobel@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  Kathleen Logel - #1774  klogel@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  Joni Frangieh - #1775  jfrangieh@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Patrolman  Nicholas Placentra - #1776  nplacentra@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Administrative Assistant  Terri Fitzgerald - #1726  tfitzgerald@haddonfield-nj.gov
 Parking Enforcement Officer  Debby Fesi - #1754  dfesi@haddonfield-nj.gov